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DOLLY KUBRIKRECLINING ARMCHAIR is a modern reclining armchair covered with soft Mongolia.

Kubrik is equipped with a double mechanism that allows to recline the backrest and footrest separately from the headrest.

The design of Dolly Kubrik reclining armchair is modern and essential. It is possible to complete the armchair with some optional, such as lateral leather pockets. To these pockets it is possible to add a smart swivel table, perfect for placing glasses or small objects.

The Dolly Kubrik recliner is covered with soft, fluffy Mongolia. This covering makes Dolly an enveloping seat, perfect for creating a relaxation area with an eccentric look.


  • Dimensions:

    27 x 102/160 x 80/103 cm – 113 x 102/160 x 80 cm


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