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designed by Elena Salmistraro


Wall decor that, together with the projects Byzas and Sikelia, is inspired by the historical period identified by the sacred Byzantine domination in Sicily. Hagia is the literal translation of the word Saint which reminds us of Hagia Sophia, the symbol par excellence of the Byzantine culture. A starting point for the modern reinterpretation of the decorative opulence, a gift from that period, and to celebrate and accentuate the beauty and essence of the period. Marble, gemstones, and metals mixed together in simple geometrical forms give life to modern patterns of great historical significance.



  • Single tile 28x14x2 cm

    Materiali / Materials

    Tiles in Pietra Pece and Bianco Fenice stone honed finish, circles in pink marble polished finish, rectangle in Azul Macauba polished finish and copper strip satin finish


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