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Luxor Tech reclining home theatre is the brand-new version of the original Luxor model.

In this new look, the Luxor home theatre takes on a bold style, inspired by the interiors of luxury cars.

Luxor Tech home theatre is equipped with a mechanism for the coordinated reclining of the backrest, seat and footrest.

What characterizes the Luxor Tech cinema chair are some very valuable details. The backrest and sides of the armchair are in carbon or aluminum fiber effect.

The armrests have a diamond pattern quilting and the headrest of the seat is enriched with an embroidery, the V of Vismara. Finally, a piping with a contrasting color, frames the seating. Luxor home theatre chair can be completed with various accessories and can be realized in different configurations to satisfy any home theatre design.



  • Cup Holders | Swivel Lamp | Pop up USB | Swivel Table


    Different sizes for different configurations


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