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Villari is an iconic Italian luxury brand, a significant player in the interior design field that has a long-standing history as a trusted brand.

An iconic Made in Italy brand, Villari has continued, for more than 50 years, to reinvent porcelain, a poetic and refined material with ancient charm but capable of interpreting the most contemporary trends, giving life to precious artifacts between art and design. 

Founded in 1967 by Cesare and Silvia Villari, in Solana (VI), who are now joined by their two daughters Alessandra and Barbara and their son Leone, the company works with expertise and creative daring, making collections that range from more classic taste, which are inscribed in the great tradition of Capodimonte, to the most recent contemporary design projects, such as the "Home Couture" collection, which also open up to experimentation with different materials: no longer only porcelain but also Murano glass, metal, leather. A choice that marks the entry of Villari products into the most contemporary interior projects and the company's desire to address an increasingly broad audience.

Among the most recent proposals, Villari presented "Golden Age," an eclectic, at times ironic collection of decorative objects, accessories, and complements for the home, the result of collaboration with a parterre of international creatives.

55 years of passion for porcelain

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