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Classic pool table is made following the Italian manufacturing tradition and using the highest quality materials.

Classic Pool Table is available in different styles: baroque, art deco, classic, mosaik, pyramid.

Each style of Classic pool table has specific characteristics, details that make it unique. Carvings, handmade mosaics, small decorative pyramids. These elements give a strong character to the pool table, which blends perfectly with classic environments and traditional atmospheres.

The framework of Classic pool table is made of solid wood, the playing surface is made of slate slabs and covered with a soft professional cloth, produced by the leading company Simonis.

Attention to details is also visible in the holes, strictly in leather or eco leather. The Classic pool table is available for different types of games from Snooker to American Pool, from the Russian Pyramid to Italian Billiards.

The Classic pool table table can be combined with its professional lamp that emits a diffused light, and all the accessories for playing billiard.



    8 ft  260 x 148 x 80 cm

    9 ft 290 x 163 x 80 cm

    10 ft 320 x 178 x 81 cm

    12 ft 391 x 213 x 81 cm

    Made in Italy


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