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Comfort Home Theater is the most essential piece in the cinema chair family.‎ It is equipped with a reclining mechanism.

Comfort Home Theater is characterized by a perfect combination of comfort and refined details, like thick stitching on sight and ergonomic head cushions.‎

The peculiarity of Comfort Home Theater is the possibility to enrich it with decorative materials placed in the front of the arm: precious marbles, wood inlaid with mother-of-pearl and ebony, embroidered leathers, and metallic fiber.‎

Comfort Home Theater can be customized with a cooling cup holder, USB ports, a swivel touch lamp, and an exclusive bar unit that rises up from the central arm.‎

The great versatility in the design of Vismara home theater allows the client to compose its own personal layout choosing between curved or straight rows, and including single seating, love seats, and daybeds.‎

Comfort Home Theater can be covered with precious leather, fabrics, and bespoke covering according to customer needs.‎



    Armchair: 116 x 103-168 x 108 cm

    Different sizes on the basis of different layouts.


    Cooling cup holder | Cooling/Warming/Wireless Charger cup holder | Swivel Lamp | pop up USB | Pop-up Bar Arm

    Made in Italy


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