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LEO’s soul is reminiscent of the early 20th century Russian avant-garde.
The alternating full and empty spaces of the sofa lighten the visual impact and draw the eye to investigate the shapes in detail.
LEO’s rigorous geometries, materials and colors recall the typical traits of Constructivism, alternating physical materials, as the iron frame, and intellectual materials, such as the use of color, which freely trespasses into a Supremacist conception, with geometric shapes that border on Abstractism. Simple, easily intelligible, rigorous shapes that convey a strong conceptuality, and even drag LEO towards the kind of Postmodernism which reminds us so much of Italy in the 1980s and the Memphis collective’s experiments.
LEO expresses its essence with intensity and uniqueness, in a collection composed of sofa and armchair handcrafted in Italy, for residential and contract grade projects.


  • “I put all of myself in what I design. You cannot always explain why you do what you do: there are times when I’ll think of something and sit down to draw it. I can’t tell what’s behind that , except my love for colour and geometry. “


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