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designed by Pierluigi Piu


This is how the circular baskets, mostly low and wide, are called in the Campidàno plain, in Sardinia, usually used to contain and measure flour or other foodstuffs and which women used to carry by balancing them on their heads. They are born from the intertwining of hay stalks and rush fibers and are enriched with brocade and brightly colored wool cloth inserts that form decorations with simple geometries or inspired by local flora and fauna.
Often, in farmers' homes, they were hung on the walls in groups, to adorn the house. This secondary function was taken up in the project which reproduces the richest part of the baskets (the bottom) and adding a suggestive halo of light.

In Sardinia, on the plains of Campidano, the round baskets, usually deep and wide, used to hold and measure flour and which women used to carry around balanced on their heads are called Corbulas. These baskets are made by intertwining lengths of hay and cane fibers, embellished with brightly colored brocade and wool inserts that create simple geometric or local flora and fauna-inspired decorations. In the olden days, they would decorate farmers’ houses by hanging groups of baskets together on the walls. This project uses this secondary use as its subject, highlighting the bottom section of the basket, which is its most elaborate part and to which a striking halo of light has been added.



  •  Crema Tunisi stone and Bianco Diocleziano marble, illuminated by led lights
    Dimensions / Dimensions

    7 round three-dimensional panels xl 90Ø, l 80Ø, m 70Ø, s 60Ø cm


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