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Symbol of justice and power, King Kong Rhino is made of stainless mirror-steel to reflect both the sky and the way it changes daily, but also the surrounding environment. In order to create it the artist Li-Jen Shih decided to turn the rhino, a majestic creature which has always been considered as a symbol of luck and kindness in Chinese culture, into a piece of contemporary art, a heroic and modern icon of the "real survivor"."I've always considered the rhino as a creature which is close to me. It's always been sorrowful to me to follow the news about the endangered life of rhinos in the world and therefore I decided to create a work aimed at witnessing its beauty and make people aware about the concrete risk of extinction that rhinos run - says Li-Jen Shih- On a spiritual level, my sculpture embodies many thoughts are deeply rooted in ancient Chinese culture, while, in term of style and expression, it represents contemporaneity" The steel sculpture of the Rhino, with its amour, conveys a strong image of resistance. A human fingerprint is impressed in the horn to represent the predatory action carried out by human beings but, at the same time, it is also meant to recall the importance of the respect due to all animal species on Earth.

King Kong Rhino - Multicolor
limited edition: 88 pcs
cm. 44 h x 65 l x 20 w

King Kong Rhino

  • SKU: 0005320-665

    Categories: Li-Jen Shih Golden Age Masterpieces

    Tags: AnimalsDesignersGolden AgeLi-Jen ShihMasterpieces


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