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design Marella Ferrera

The Mediterranean signs are “written in stone”, beginning from the textile reading, brushing the baroque sculptures, and arriving at the architecture signs.
The name of the project describes its inspirational source: filet is a type of lace with a characteristic grid pattern, which looks like a net on which geometric motifs embroidered in darning stitch or cloth stitch stand out.
The modular wall covering, designed by Marella Ferrera and impressed as fossils of geometries drawn from nature, is representative of a present affected by the past and turned towards the future.
A Sicily displayed in the palette of its most important stones: from the molten rock to the Comiso stone, from the Pitchstone to the Ragusa stone, from Palermo’s one to Trapani’s one.



  • Dimensions / Dimensions

    Three-dimensional decorative panel

    300x300x2 cm and 240x240x2 cm


    Materiali / Materials

    Bianco Carrara, Bianco Fenice, Pietra Pece, Crema Tunisi.


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