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design Martinelli Venezia


Collection of modular lava stone tiles, characterized by three-dimensional graphic motifs, which can be assembled into multiple compositions. The project was born from the memory of a small house-museum of a majolica collector, hidden in an eighteenth-century building in the historic center of Palermo. The stone majolica thus interprets an idea of ​​the Mediterranean, engraved by the expert craftsmanship that distinguishes Lithea workmanship: they are rectangular modules, small bas-reliefs whose three-dimensional and geometric surfaces refer to the grooved shafts of the columns, the dry stone walls, the blocks of the quarries from which the company's marbles come, to the Renaissance squared or diamond-pointed ashlar work, to the chiaroscuro and play of light typical of the Baroque.


  • Dimensions / Dimensions

    18 different tiles 16x32x2 cm


    Materiali / Materials

    Lava Stone located at the foot of Mount Etna, Crema Tunisi, Bianco Carrara


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