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Montecarlo Roulette Table is a unique and inimitable product for those who love enjoying private entertainment in the complete privacy of their home.‎

This Roulette Table is completely made in Italy with a professional French roulette wheel with lacquered external edges and a chips rack for the dealer.‎

The double wooden ring base of Montecarlo Roulette Table is a real design artwork, which gives a touch of luxury to the entire table.‎

The Roulette Table edges are equipped with chips racks and stainless steel cup holders.‎ The playing field is covered with cloth and is customizable both in design and in all Pantone colors.‎

As optional to Montecarlo Roulette Table, Vismara provides a 500 chips set and a chips rake for the dealer.



    90.55" x D 49.21" x H 31.10"

    230x 125 x 79 cm

    Made in Italy


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