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3 seats sofa, Portofino in leather, velvet or fabric.
The frame is in solid beech wood with springing guaranteed by high natural rubber content elastic straps. The frame upholstery is in expanded polyurethane with different densities and the upper layer with high elastic content which, combined with the lower layer, guarantees better softness over time. The inner of the backrest is upholstered in the soft quilt, while the inner side is made precious by a metal band that runs over the back perimeter. The seat pillow is removable and is made with highly resilient variable density rubber upholstered by softness canalized goose feather. The ergonomics of the backrest and seat together with the pads, are sustained but cozy, giving a high level of comfort. A sofa that proposes all of its formal value in the scenography of the living room, to be admired from every angle.



    • Sofa with 4 decorative cushions - cm 286x115x85 h


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