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Posh, is the new Mahjong table by Vismara.

It is an automatic Mahjong table, that is equipped with a hidden mechanism that automatically sorts Mahjong tiles.

The playing surface of the Mahjong table is covered in velvet or leather; in the center, there is the control panel; tiles magically come out from openings on each player's side once sorted.

Functionality is enriched by a highly refined aesthetic. Posh is a contemporary Mahjong table with a timeless style. To top it all, each player station is equipped with two leather storage pockets, and a double USB port for recharging devices during Mahjong matches. Posh Mahjong table is completed with 2 sets of game tiles.

As accessories, Posh Mahjong table has an elegant box in Ebony Makassar to contain game tiles, hidden cup holders, and a removable top for chess games.


  • 37"x37"x31.5"H

    94.2x 94.2 x 80 cm



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