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The new Roma Blackjack table is a table of extreme lightness and modernity. Roma Blackjack is part of the Metropolis collection.

Its design recalls the shapes of an amphitheater. Its beauty comes from a refined combination of different elements.

Roma Blackjack table is composed by a light base created by fine lacquered sticks, dominated by the playing surface. Roma Blackjack playing surface keeps the traditional layout and can be made in all Pantone colours.

In the Deluxe version, Roma Blackjack table has built-in cup holders covered in leather.

As an option to Roma Blackjack Table, Vismara provides a precious inlaid Makassar Ebony Box. Inside there are 500 chips, 2 decks of cards and 5 dice.

Another available accessory is the lacquered wooden sabot for the dealer.


  • 80"W x 46"D x 31"H /203 x 117 x 79 cm

    Base: 55"1/8W



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