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The Shanghai bar cabinet has two doors which, when open, reveal the interior, lacquered with a Moroccan earth colour, and divided by a polished-edge glass shelf and two drawers.

When the doors are opened, the bar cabinet is transformed into a sophisticated display with a high aesthetic value. The two internal drawers have an integrated metal handle that forms a perfect circle, emphasizing the care and attention given to every detail. It is a piece of furniture with a timeless design, able to stand out in any context, from the living room to the entrance. Shanghai una collezione completa caratterizzata da dettagli estetici, come gli elementi in metallo, cilindrici, verticali, lavorati di forgiatura con sfaccettature, che reinterpretano l’elemento storico Cantori.


Cabinet - cm 100x52x160 h
Cabinet - cm 100x52x160 h


  • Cabinet - cm 100x52x160 h
    Cabinet - cm 100x52x160 h


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