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designed by Elena Salmistraro


Theodora is the empress of the Byzantine kingdom in Sicily, she is the greatest example of the magnificence of the Empire. Therefore, it can only be her who gives the name to a dressing table, a feminine object par excellence, a place of beauty care.
Three mirrors similar to decorated fans act as a body and structure, simple and linear elements add up to give rise to a contemporary object full of references to the past. Here too the marble joins and blends with other materials, creating a new interpretation of the Sicilian tradition.

Teodora is the empress of the Byzantine domination in Sicily; she is the greatest example of the magnificence of that empire. Only she could give her name to a dressing table, the most feminine item par excellence dedicated to beauty.
Three fan-shaped mirrors make up its body and structure. Simple and linear elements come together to create a modern item reminiscent of the past. Even here, marble and other materials merge to create a new interpretation of Sicilian tradition.




  • Materials

    structure in matt black lacquered solid wood, turned and matt white lacquered solid wood and matt black powder-coated steel sheet / top in white fanice stone, smooth finish / mirrors in stainless steel mirror with decoration in white phoenix stone, smooth finish with inserts in lapis lazuli, rose quartz and copper sheet.


    118x51x155h cm


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