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design Martinelli Venezia


Modular, wall covering created by putting together irregularly shaped tiles that once assembled resemble the curved lines painted on the rooftops of the dammusi houses.
Alternating smooth and concave parts with furrowed lines bring to mind the rows of Pantelleria’s vineyards. Created in homage to the Zibibbo tree that is cultivated in the typical valleys which protect them from the impetuous winds that blow on the island.
The whole design is achieved with identical tiles creating a juxtaposition of the various elements that give the impression of a continuous and never-ending image.



  • Single tile 60×65,8 cm

    Materiali / Materials

    Grigio Billiemi marble (for the furrowed base) with Pietra Pece inserts (for the flint, sculptured elements), both materials are typical of Sicily


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