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TIGRAM embodies the art of playing with geometrical shapes and turning them into sofas and chairs. Inspired by Tangram, the ancient Chinese game based on arranging seven geometrical shapes in combinations to form an endless variety of designs and figures, TIGRAM articulates in a variety of combined modules, but each module can also elegantly stand on its own to stylize a corner or to fashion a cozy and friendly
parlor. The seven basic elements are armchairs, sofas, and poufs, all rigorously modeled on a hexagonal base and featuring different sizes, heights, and colors, which can be combined and separated to create figures and symbols in a kaleidoscope of variations.


Upholstery materials
  • Available in Chair, Barstool, Bench, Small Armchair, Sofa, Pouf and modular system.

    “The strength of form is expressed in the alchemy of compositions. Unique design and endless arrangements.”


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