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Vertigo, is the new Arcade table.

Vismara revisits a game with a vintage flavor dear to the 80s in a modern key. Its main feature is the unusual arrangement of the screens, placed horizontally on the table top, different from the typical Arcade Cabinet.

The design of Vertigo Arcade Table is modern, with soft and essential lines, perfect for decorating contemporary interiors. The 42-inch LCD screen is embedded under a tempered lacquered glass, and is divided into two parts, one for each player.

Vertigo Arcade Table comes with 24kt gold plated buttons and joysticks.

Vertigo Arcade Table has holes on the sides to ensure proper ventilation to the screen. The structure is laquered, and the cone base is covered with leather.


  • 57.09"x38.19"x32.28" 

    145 x 97 x 82 cm



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