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Vogue magazine holder in iron and eco-nubuck.

The structure is made with curved iron rods with a brushed brass finish, while the magazine pocket is in top-stitched leather or eco-leather. Elegant and with a modern design, it is perfect next to the sofa.


Magazine rack - cm 35x19x50 h


  • Sante Cantori was born in a territory, the Marche, which is renowned for its rich craftsmanship tradition. His creations remain faithful to these Italian roots, thanks to a network of artisans committed to ensuring the quality of each piece of furniture, furnishing object, or accessory manufactured and branded by Cantori.

    “My job forces me to pay due attention to both contemporary trends in indoor living, and the wellbeing of the people who inhabit those spaces. I imagine a house of discreet luxury, intimate, in which family furniture, books, rare objects, memories, and the future still to come naturally find a place: a perfect blend of customisation, comfort, and innovation at home”.

    His most important goal is to create furnishings that are both elegant and joyful, functional and coordinated. An object designed and manufactured with care still expresses the intelligence of the person who created and made it: the added value of a Cantori product lies in the perfect quality of its workmanship, a result obtained thanks to the synergy of all the people who work alongside him.

  • Magazine rack - cm 35x19x50 h


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