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3 or 4 seats sofa, Voyage in leather, velvet or fabric.
The supporting frame of the sofa and the details are in metal and are made with Cantori’s precious bronze finish. The frame is in multi-layer wood e the springing is guaranteed by high natural rubber content elastic straps. The frame upholstery is in expanded polyurethane with different densities and the upper layer with high elastic content which, combined with the lower layer, guarantees better softness over time. The external upholstery is made with a quilted wood paneling in leather or in fabric given by the customer. Removable seat pillows are made with highly resilient variable density rubber upholstered by softness canalized goose feather in the upper layer. The upholsteries softness and the quilted external are counterposed with the bronze band of lateral armrests that, crossing them on the back, create a strong graphic design. A design product, created from the small details, to be admired from all angles. A linear sofa is very versatile, thanks to the two sizes available and lines extremely compact and defined that make it perfect for a modern or classic space. Born for those who love impact proposals, it makes immediately feels its high comfort and generates a sensation of relaxation.




  • Cantori

    Sofa with 5 decorative cushions cm 240x107 - cm 240x107x73 h

    Sofa with 5 decorative cushions cm 280x107 - cm 280x107x73 h

    Made in Italy


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