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Mondrian Art Form, a table made possible by Cantori’s excellence in metal crafting.

Through a slow and painstaking process, the metal circles are assembled to become the base of the table. This is composed by numerous circles of the same size made of solid iron which, when welded together one by one, blend together to form a homogeneous vortex. The base is shaped to accommodate oval or round glass tops.




    • Oval table cm 100x170 - cm 100x170x75 h
      Oval table cm 120x200 - cm 120x200x75 h
      Oval table cm 140x220 - cm 140x220x75 h
      Round table cm ø 140 - cm ø 140x75 h
      Round table cm ø 160 - cm ø 160x75 h
      Round table cm ø 180 - cm ø 180x75 h
      Round table cm ø 200 - cm ø 200x75 h
      Round table cm ø 220 - cm ø 220x75 h


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